Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman

  • New Home sales down again;
  • Biggest supply since October 2007;
  • Jackson Blackhole;
  • What JY and MD really said;
  • Openly talking about currency wars;
  • JY complete and utterly clueless about labor woes;
  • Wall Street says more hawkish than expected and interest rates plunge;
  • France dissolves government;
  • Stock markets surge on hawkish news;
  • Chinese call US dirty spying thieves;
  • Gold manipulation goes on and on;
  • Swiss referendum on sales of gold and backing Franc with gold.
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John Rubino was back for our Monday discussion. While the US appears to be ending QE, Europe's economy is going down fast. Will the ECB be doing QE or will it just watch, that's the big question? While they decide, the dollar continues to pick up strength, even though new housing sales continue to decline. But auto sales are up thanks to lower credit standards and cut rate financing, so everything will work out in the long run, right? 

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Aaron has been mining Bitcoins for the past couple of years. He believes that crypto-currencies are the future. Why risk your wealth in fiat currencies and subject yourself to the criminal practices of the world's banksters, when you can store your wealth in Bitcoin and also have the potential of appreciation? Bitcoin has been extremely volatile since the Cyprus Bail-in and no one knows where it's heading. However, there are so many aspects of the crypto-currency that make it irresitible to the world's business community and Aaron wants to get there ahead of them. 

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