Record identity thefts and record frauds in 2019. Over 3.2 million victims reported their crimes to the FTC during the year. There's a rich history of fraudsters in the US. From snake oil salesmen to IRS scammers, nothing ever really changes. Technology has greatly expanded the means to defraud, but the mindset has always been present. According to Heather it's all about how we're wired. Once you become aware of your susceptibility, you can do something about it. Otherwise you're a sitting duck. 

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John Soforic learned about building wealth from a mentor. When his son Michael was in college, to help him avoid the pitfalls that he encountered, he wrote him a personal book about building wealth. That book became the basis for John's website and books, The Wealthy Gardener. Together we discuss the lessons of life including: The Law of Attraction, participation trophies and why you need to meditate. A very enlightening discussion. 

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Ed Karr, CEO of sponsor US Gold Corp joined us for an update. While the junior mining sector has been subdued as of late, Ed keeps pushing the company forward. US Gold Corp is moving rapidly ahead with its Copper King Project as well as its Keystone and Maggie Creek properties. Copper King is getting closer to a PFS and is well along in the permitting process. Keystone's recent drill holes showed strong anomalous gold and the odds of a major discovery there have increased greatly. And things are just getting started at the newly-acquired Maggie Creek project, which is located right in the middle of the world-famous Carlin Trend. With 3 projects and high expectations, it just a matter of time. 

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Kevin Bupp is the Founder & CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, which invests in mobile home parks, apartments, offices, and single family homes all across the US. 

As Kevin relates the competition to purchase mobile home parks has increased greatly over the past few years. Kevin has come up on a new area to invest - parking lots. The annual returns average 6 - 7%. Cash flow increases over time with higher rates and inflation. And hopefully the lots will appreciate as well, so you're basically getting paid to wait. An interesting opportunity. 

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Mickey's Monthly Market Summary

DJIA 1/31/20 28256 -1.00%
S&P 500 1/31/20 3225 -0.20%
NASDAQ 1/31/20 9151 2.00%
RUS 2000 1/31/20 1614 -3.20%
TSX 1/31/20 17318 1.50%
TSX.V 1/31/20 575 -0.50%
MCSI 1/31/20 1062 -4.80%
VIX 1/31/20 18.84  
DXY 1/31/20 98.38 1.90%
EURO 1/31/20 1.11 -1.10%
10 Year 1/31/20 1.49 -22.40%
Bitcoin 1/31/20 9370 31.00%
Au 1/31/20 1589 4.70%
Ag 1/31/20 18.01 1.00%
Pt 1/31/20 958 -0.60%
Pd 1/31/20 2190 13.90%
Cu 1/31/20 2.54 -8.80%
WTI 1/31/20 51.58 -15.50%
Brent 1/31/20 56.67 -17.10%
Henry Hub 1/31/20 1.84 -16.00%
U308 1/31/20 24.7 -1.00%
Ratios Au : Ag Pt : Au    Pt : Pd
  88.23 0.6 0.44
  1.1 28.03 30.81

For January 2020, DJIA slipped 1%, TSX up 1.5%, Emerging markets down 4.8%. VIX ended the month at 18.84, up from 13.75 the prior month. Dollar up 1.9% on Asian Flu ills. Euro down 1.1%. 10 year yield down to 1.49 and Bitcoin up 31% to 9370. 

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Buy the long bond as world central banks get ready to flood the system. China put $176 billion into their banking system Monday. While it didn’t help the Chinese market, it did help everywhere else, especially in the US. Brexit came and went and what’s next? The globalist elite is now liking Brexit as they use the next crisis to further cement their power. They’re not sweating yet as they’re playing a longer game. The next downturn will lead to greater world integration and perhaps more globalization.  

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Ignore all the posturing, all of the impeachment nonsense is coming to an end. While Romney may try to get Trump, it’s not going to work. Nice guys truly do finish last. He’s a dishonest, blow-dried slime according to Karen. His kids are knee-deep in the Ukranian corruption scandal. Politicians can’t pull it off any longer. The people have had enough. Given the next Trump term, hopefully there’s no going back. 

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Adam Andrzejewski of has been exposing corruption around the country for years. Recently he requested a copy of California’s main checkbook and was greeted by a denial from the State Controller that the records of some 49 million bills didn’t exist. Therefore she was unable to comply. Adam isn’t taking it and has initiated a legal action to force the disclosure. Adam wants the state to join the transparency revolution. 

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