If you want to know why things are screwed up, take a good look at your family (not mine). The corona virus could be a pandemic, but Gerald thinks not. So far the mortality rate has been relatively low. Just like the weatherman likes to panic the public at the first sign of a hurricane, so to with our public health officials. Why believe one word that comes out of any government. They’re lying. So far there’s very little outbreak in South America, just one case in Brazil. However he does believe there will be a Black Plague 2.0 due to the poisons in our food, air and water. So let’s stay calm and get ready for the big one. 

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Is the January Effect dead? Is it now the February Effect? After Tesla nearly hit $1000 per share, it's now fallen almost 20 percent. Global trade contracted in 2019. Perhaps the world economy was already declining and this is just the final chapter of the stock market's long extended bull market. Passive investing is the dominant form of investing, whatever happened to stock pickers? And the debt keeps on increasing. But the important question is are we really at the end or can the world's central banks achieve the impossible and inflate the market for yet another go 'round?

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