Until recently most investors had too much confidence in the rapid eradication of the Corona Virus. We didn’t factor in that it could be take much longer. Is this the Black Swan that we’ve all been waiting for? Is David a stopped clock or a Chicken Little? It’s not the tipping point that causes a change, but perhaps it’s the rationalization for it. Emotions are constant and that’s why history tends to rhyme. 

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Gold skyrocketed during Monday's session going up nearly $50 the ounce only to return back to earth with a more modest gain. Mining stocks are still not moving, but with what's going on in the world, it probably won't be long before the next move. Cyclical forces are getting ready to overwhelm seasonal influences. We might get a break and a modest decline, but then get ready to rumble! 

On the political front, Bernie McGovern appears to have carried Nevada by a large measure, but will be enough to insure that he carries the nomination. If he does manage to wrangle it away from the elites and Nanny Bloomberg, he will then have a bigger problem on his hands. It's the elites that harvest the votes and insure that the dead rise from the grave to cast their votes and the illegals get to have their say. There's no way that they are going to work their magic for Bernie McGovern and that means an even larger Trump landslide. Stay tuned!

Finally, I talked about my recent bout with seemingly benign prescription drugs sending me for a loop, lowering my blood pressure and causing fatigue and a lack of energy. Beware, even drugs that appear to be extremely safe can have greatly negative effects. You need to regularly review all your drugs with your internist, specialist and pharmacist. 



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