The crypto space is melting down, and we’re looking at a potential laundering scheme with donation funds. The Founder of Robert Ventures,Joe Robert, comes on the show to talk about the current state of cryptocurrency, and outlines some important things that he has learned over the last year. The crypto movement is ultimately about taking custody of your own assets, and it’s crucial to assess sustainability in the long term when it comes to digital assets. Joe recommends a few solid cryptocurrencies to invest in right now, and provides expert knowledge on holding digital currency.


-Many theories are circling, but we don’t have the full picture yet
-When you have money that can be easily made, a lot of people show up on the scene and problems can arise. People try to take advantage of the situation
-The loudest players end up being the people that get in trouble
-Robert has learned that the ethos around the crypto movement is taking custody of your own assets so that no one can put them at risk
-In any market, if the yield seems unreasonable, it typically always is. It isn’t sustainable over a long period of time
-In a bad economy, you’re more concerned about return of investment rather than return on investment
-When will it be time to get back into crypto? Bitcoin and Ethereum are safe bets at the moment
-Anytime data integrity is necessary, the blockchain is going to be involved
-Even as tens of billions of dollars have been invested, there are still busted trades

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