China and Japan are dumping dollars, and many countries that borrowed in dollars have had their expectations of US currency being cheaper turned upside down. I sit down and chat with John Rubino to discuss this phenomenon, and he contends that extreme volatility is going to make its way from the financial markets to the currency markets. Furthermore, the prospect of a technological totalitarian state is no longer a distant theory, and direct actions are being taken to get us there. Tune in for more valuable insight.

-China and Japan are dumping dollars. Their currencies are tanking due to massive inflation, and they’re running through foreign exchange reserves to prop their currency up
-They’re selling US treasury paper
-How long will this last? You eventually run out of dollars
-The problem is that many countries borrowed in dollars because they expected for it to be cheaper and for the dollar to go down
-We can expect extreme volatility making its way from the financial markets to the currency markets
-We’re still in the early innings
-The US is giving billions of dollars to Ukraine, and they invested this money in a big crypto exchange The people running this crypto exchange were donating a lot of it to democrat politicians
-The prospect of vaccine passports is more likely, building a technological totalitarian state in front of our eyes
-The housing bubble has burst
-With today’s mortgage rates/prices, you need to make $120k annually to afford a median priced home
-Sales are crashing and home inventory is spiking; a recession looks unavoidable

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Art Halleran, CEO of rising star natgas producer Trillion Energy (OTCQB: TRLEF – CSE: TCF) joined us for a sponsor company update. To date, two wells have been recompleted and immediately began selling production. The first payment is due December 20, 2022. These wells alone will be generating US$3 million per month or as much as $36 million per annum. Revenue could potentially go higher as the operator seeks to optimize production and stabilize pipeline gas pressure.

Halleran has done the near impossible, he has taken a moth-balled gas field that was given up for dead and turned it into a potential billion-dollar asset. More importantly, while there are many new gas projects on the drawing board, under the best of circumstances they will take several years to come online. Europe needs the gas now! Trillion’s wells go from completion to revenue production in a matter of hours. This is due to some $600 million in off the books infrastructure that enables the company to rapidly connect new wells to its existing pipeline and gas processing system.

And the best is yet to come. 15 more wells are due to be drilled in two programs, 5 more in program A and 8 in program B. A new well should be coming on approximately every 45 days. (At $3 million per month added cash flow). You do the math, we're talking hundreds of millions before the company drills an exploration hole.

The company has many drill targets within its current block, as well as the ability to expand to other promising adjoining blocks. It has the seismic data and the infrastructure to rapidly tap into the most promising prospects. Trillion's huge potential upside has not yet been perceived by the market.

In his low-key style, Halleran sums it up best, “We are very pleased that our multi-well drilling program is off to a very strong start. We are “Two for Two” so far with both South Akcakoca-2 and Akcakoca-3 wells now successfully producing gas. Each well additionally has 10s of meters of identified gas sands ready for perforation and production in the future to keep production levels up. This is a desirable situation for the Company to be in.” As well as shareholders like us. Company website:

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