Inflation continues on, despite the efforts of the federal reserve and the government to make us believe that it is abating. With latent uncertainty and a long ride ahead, which sectors should we invest in right now? I sit down and chat with Dee Carter to recap what’s been happening in the markets—specifically in the energy sector. People are hesitant to invest in oil companies because of the push for renewable energy; on the other hand, fossil fuels are still an integral component of production. For general investing, Dee advises his clients to evaluate which sectors fit their particular situation, and mentions some things to consider in the current economy.

-We’re in a situation where we really don’t know what is going to take place over the next couple of months
-The senate is still 50/50
-We’re in for a long, tough ride that will probably last beyond January
-The problem right now is that no one wants to invest in energy—especially in oil companies
-No one wants to invest in something that may not be around 5-10 years from now
-Oil companies are receiving mixed directions in regard to production
-You can’t get away from fossil fuels because of how many products they are tied to
-We are perhaps entering the electrical situation a bit too early
-Right now, it is not feasible for all cars to run on electricity. It’s too early to do away with fossil fuels; we have to take it one step at a time
-Historically, energy transitions have been market driven—not government driven. The government needs to back down and let the markets do their work
-Energy is the place to invest. There are still some companies drilling, but some refineries have reached capacity
-We need to invest in the refinery process
-Surprisingly, consumer buying has not slowed down. We’re also still looking at pharmaceuticals and other health related sectors
-Look at sectors that fit your particular situation

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Your job is never 100% secure, and this is why you need to learn how to think like an entrepreneur—no matter what career you are currently in. Steve Rozenberg comes on the show to talk about how he was forced to do this when he lost his job as a pilot back in 2001. As he reflects on this critical moment in his life, he wishes that he would have adopted this entrepreneurial mindset sooner. Losing his job was extremely difficult, but he gained the opportunity to invest in real estate and build a successful business. He is committed to helping others control their destinies and build wealth, and provides useful tips for adopting entrepreneurial skills and strategies.

-Steve Rozenberg was a pilot for a major airline for a long time, and was laid off after 9/11. This was a humbling moment for him, because he was solely focused on being a pilot up until this point
-Even if you think your job is safe and secure, it is important to remember that your position could be affected at any point.
-If you’re an employee, you still need to think like an entrepreneur.
-How do you get secure workers to think like entrepreneurs?
-Steve’s decision to invest in real estate was motivated by getting laid off; he was in survival mode. It’s difficult to have this mindset until you have a reality check
-Motivation is like a battery. It drains over time, and your “why” is what will carry you through—even as you use your battery.
-Taking action is the only thing that will propel you forward. Even as you encounter failures along the way, having a solid vision and reason for your action will allow you to keep going
-Act as if a disaster is going to happen tomorrow, and start making changes now
-Steve is still a pilot now, but he does it because he loves it—not because he needs to do it
-The more you can put yourself in uncomfortable positions, these things won’t be a shock when they actually happen
-In order to get to the next level in life, you must do something different
-Surround yourself with people that have different patterns, or have already achieved goals that you are working towards
-Create a date for when your business could run without you, or be a sellable asset

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