With the arrival of elections, many people are voting with economic issues in mind. Here to talk about the economic side of real estate is Sabrina Guler, the Co-Founder of Techvestor. Techvestor is a company that allows you to passively invest in short term rental investment properties, and has raised $21 million in the past 12 months. It runs through Airbnb and VRBO currently has 61 funds in total, over half of which are already active. Sabrina talks about the process of scaling Techvestor and maintaining short-term rentals to ensure the best experience possible. Tune in for more information on some of the exciting things Techvestor is doing, and to learn about the opportunity that lies in short term rental investments.

-Techvestor is primarily on Airbnb and VRBO
-They have 61 funds right now, 30 of which are under contract and in the process of getting launched. They currently have 31 active listings up
-They are primarily leveraged
-When they started, they set a bar for the types of homes they would be buying—which is important within investment
-They focus on larger homes with more amenities
-It’s important to have good people on the ground that know the house very well, and understand your expectations
-It’s the little things that contribute to a positive experience for guests across the board
-As they scaled the business, they were able to move into new markets
-They don’t have their own platform for direct bookings, but they plan to think more about this in the future
-A lot of people (in Florida at least) get tripped up on sales tax, resort fees, etc. This makes accounting all the more important, Sabrina’s company performs this very thoroughly—taking location specifics into consideration

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