Are home values and securities/investments going to implode? I sit down and chat with New York real estate expert Andrew Ragusa to get the latest insight on what’s happening in real estate, especially in light of the economy and politics. Speaking from his experience in the industry, Andrew reports that many people are leaving New York City and settling in the suburbs, and this is largely influenced by crime. He also notes that, although people don’t have as much buying power as they once did, people are still buying and there is a lot of inventory on the market. Tune in for more information on what is happening and what is to come in real estate.

-Everyone is concerned about inflation, the price of food, and the prices of homes
-People are headed to the ballots with financial issues in mind
-People are upset with how much money is being spent
-New leadership in Congress could help put some sort of check in place
-Homeowners in NY are also thinking about crime
-Lots of people are leaving the city and relocating to the suburbs
-We’ve seen a 5-6 point increase in a year, and prices have still not budged very much
-New York State could very well shift political views, with many voters going red this time around
-The bidding wars with properties are no longer as drastic
-People don’t have the same buying power they used to, but they are still buying nonetheless. There’s also a decent amount of inventory on the market. Beforehand, many people were settling for a home rather than finding one that fit all of their criteria

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