Danielle Park has been waiting for this moment. And it may well be here now. The end of the global stock bull market. Is it upon us? One day does not a trend make. However, this bull has been living on borrowed time and borrowed money for too long. Resource based economies have taken a hit and will continue too. That means Canada and Australia are in for hard time. As are the rest of the over indebted countries. The time of reckoning is quickly closing in. 

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According to Tony Hayes, gold is worth at least $1900 the ounce. However, what it's selling for is another matter. Tony bases his calculations on the Monetary Base (M0) and the money supply measurement M1.  HIs formulas have closely coincided with gold prices in the past and he's of the belief they will again. The big shocker is that according to Tony's work, the Dow is worth 60,000. Even higher than Martin Armstrong's Dow 35k. Amazing. 

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Once upon a time people looked up to the Fed and believed that they had the power to determine the future. There are still those true believers, who think the Fed can do no wrong. But history has taught us otherwise. While the rest of the world has been opening the monetary spigot at full blast, the Fed was tightening. Now that's all changed. And watch gold and silver continue to thrust forward. $1500 is right around the corner!

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Nichole Stohler had a good job working for a tech company. She and her husband Mike got into real estate investing for the usual reasons, to build wealth and passive income. However, they bought properties for no money down and in less desirable areas. They got in over their heads and wound up giving their properties back. They started over again, but this time Mike got a job as a property manager and they learned the business from the ground up. Now they're successful real estate investors and Nichole teaches others how to do it and has a new real estate podcast. It just shows the value of persistence. 

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