It happened! Finally someone has called out all the poverty pimps, race hustlers and crooked politicians who have made Baltimore a living hell. Of course when President Trump took this action and specifically called out Congressman Ellijah Cummings, he was immediately denounced as a racist. In the left's lexicon of political terminology Truth=Racism. With rats scurrying about and tens of billions in taxpayer dollars wasted, who's telling it like it is? Obviously not the corrupt Baltimore politicians who've been stealing a fortune for decades. More here as well, we talk about leftist tech giants who've finally fallen into the trap. And there's a bit about spy gate and where that's heading. 

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In case you were wondering, yes there's been major real estate appreciation since the Great Recession, but no, not everything is overpriced. Buck Joffrey has still been finding plenty of undervalued/underappreciated projects to put his investors' money into. It takes a little patience and a lot of review to find these gems but they exist. And Buch has helped many investors find them. 

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