National bestselling author Stephen Coonts is at it again!

In The Russia Account (Regnery Fiction; August 13, 2019) Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton return for their ninth adventure together and unravel an international financial conspiracy that ties directly to Vladmir Putin and Russia. As the narrative unfolds the characters discover that money is being funneled all over the world with a bulk of it ending up in American accounts (many of which are registered to political campaigns). Sound familiar?

While The Russia Account is a work of fiction, it tackles real concerns that Americans are being faced with today. The 2016 presidential elections sparked a lot of worries around Russian election meddling, collusion, and voter fraud, which remain prominent fears ahead of the 2020 presidential elections. However, if you thought those concerns were bad then think about how bad a real financial money-laundering crisis would be. Financial terrorism serves as the central theme of this book and should be a truly daunting concern for Americans.

This new book raises alarming concern from Putin and Russia involving:
Financial Terrorism - Often overlooked and the most concerning threat to America today!
Russian Election Meddling
Russian Hacking
Voter Fraud

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Joel Salomon has done it again. The hedge fund manager turned financial coach has just released his second book. It gives you a step by step plan for building and maintaining wealth. Joel is big proponent of focusing your investing on several concepts and watching them like a hawk. That way if the gains are huge you'll be sure to reap the rewards. Diversification for diversification's sake is not a roadmap to prosperity, it's a way to achieve mediocre returns. 

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