Victor Tiffany founded Bernie or Bust, a group that is as anti-ruling class as President Trump. He believes, and rightfully so, that Bernie was screwed in 2016 when Clinton got the nomination. He thinks this time out that it could happen again. Bernie's running against several fake progressives that will make it hard for him to capture the prize. First and foremost on the Bernie Agenda is climate change. Victor believes that no amount of sacrifice is enough in the pursuit of this elusive goal. Otherwise, the planet will go extinct. We disagree on this point, but we do agree that everyone's voice needs to be heard and that only through rational debate can policies be established that solve real problems. 

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Americans have been forced from their homes. Their jobs have been outsourced, their neighborhoods torn down to make room for freeways, their churches shuttered or taken over by social justice warriors, and their very families eviscerated by government programs that assume their functions and a hostile elite that deems them oppressive. Conservatives have always defended these elements of a rooted life as crucial to maintaining cultural continuity in the face of changing circumstances. Unfortunately, official “conservatism” has become fixated on abstract claims about freedom and the profits of “creative destruction.”

Professor Bruce Frohnen writes in his new book, Coming Home: Reclaiming Americas Conservative Soul, that "Conservatism has never been the only voice in America, but it is the most distinctively American voice, emerging from the customs, norms, and dispositions of its people and grounded in the conviction that the capacity for self-governance provides a distinctly human dignity. Emphasizing the ongoing strength and importance of the conservative tradition, the authors describe our Constitution’s emphasis on maintaining order and balance and protecting the primary institutions of local life. Also important here is an understanding of changes in American demographics, economics, and politics. These changes complicated attempts to address the fundamentally antitraditional nature of slavery and Jim Crow, the destructive effects of globalism, and the increasing desire to look on the federal government as the guarantor of security and happiness.

To reclaim our home as a people, we must rebuild the natural associations and primary institutions within which we live. This means protecting the fundamental relationships that make up our way of life. From philosophy to home construction, from theology to commerce, from charity to the essentials of household management, our ongoing practices are the source of our knowledge of truth, of one another, and of how we may live well together."

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