The Trump Campaign has never stopped. Almost from the moment he was elected, he has been campaigning for 2020. And judging from what Karen Kataline had to say, we're right on track. Karen has been burning up the airwaves with her characterization of the so-called California Genius. An oxymoron to be certain. They have no emotional intelligence. Screaming at the moon is not a solution or a way for a party to stay relevant. Being a Democrat means never caring about results. How true. Leftist policies and commie plans alway fail. They can't work. Victims of the world unite!

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First Ned and I discussed the impending Hogpocalypse. African Swine Flu has decimated the Chinese pig herd leading to big potential problems for them, as the US is one of the few countries with a hog surplus, although not big enough if the disease continues spreading unchecked. Ned and I were among the first to bring this critical issue to your attention.

Next, we talked about what's a zombie central banker to do? Draghi has been doing whatever it takes to keep the Euro and European Countries afloat. But overnight lending rates are already negative. How much more negative can they go? 

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Does Iran really want a war with the US or was it a false flag operation to justify a war? We've seen this scenario happen over and over throughout history. And yet it still works almost every time it's tried. Will this time be different? 

And Mario Draghi is at it again. He's willing to cut rates to whatever it takes, except for one small problem, overnight rates on excess bank deposits are already negative. How negative can he go?

Facebook goes crypto. A new crypto has been born and it could be the biggest one to date. They have a lot of institutional support and are well poised to become the dominant player. Will it be the first of many new currencies that are proprietary for company issuers. 

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