I contributed $1 to the Comrade de Blasio campaign, but there's a reason. No I don't support his run for president, but rather for comic relief purposes, I think de Blasio is an infinite source of comic material. Is London becoming San Francisco. The place has become a complete hellhole. President Trump was in another tif with London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Trump likened him to a height challenged de Blasio. Khan's latest brainchild is banning all kitchen knives from London. We'll see about that. 

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Trump imposed tariffs on Mexico and almost immediately the price of gold spikes $35. Should we all be surprised. Is this the final straw? How much more can the economy withstand? Perhaps this is what it takes to create a new economy. But it's incredibly to all the current participants of the current paradigm. What's a globalist to do? One thing is for certain, there's no stopping it now. 

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Joseph P. Duggan writes, "Terror Attacks on Saudi Oil Operations Expose the Folly of Rubio and Graham’s Moralism. Tanker ships and the strategic pipeline of Aramco, the world's largest oil company, suffered terrorist attacks last week. Aramco has the monopoly on all Saudi Arabian oil production and is wholly owned by the Saudi government, the United States' most powerful ally in the Middle East. The attacks at sea and in the heart of Saudi Arabia coincide with the upcoming public release of President Trump's Arab-Israeli peace plan, for which Saudi Arabia and Israel already are signaling support. Iran or its allies are suspected of responsibility for the attacks." So breaking off all relations with the largest oil producer in the world in the name of morality makes perfect sense, right?

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