Sometimes you watch a market for years and it just changes before your very eyes. Such is the case with the gold market according to our great friend Gary Wagner. The fundamentals have been picking up for several years, but now it's time for the technicals to follow suit. We've seen a rally take place in the last week. Right now it's stuck at that $1350 resistance point. But clearly, it's getting ready for a major move in the not too distant future. Perhaps it won't make it now, but wait till the end of the year. 

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Just a few short months ago we were assured by the Fed that rate increases would be continuing into the future. Now we're looking at rate cuts, perhaps as early as 2 weeks from now. What's driving the Fed and are they trying to recover from a huge mistake or are they making an even bigger one now? Often trying to decipher the Fed's moves is as bad as trying to predict women's fashions. Rising hemlines and plunging necklines, you never know till you see the cover of Vogue. 

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Amazon made $11 billion last year and paid no federal income tax. Same with Delta Airlines, Chevron and many others. This has led to an expanding economy and rising employment across the board. Ken believes that this is for the good of the country. We should be incentivizing people and companies to invest in the economy. It's all about what you can produce. 

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