The news coming out of Europe was quite shocking. Even though the EU Members of Parliament have little or no authority over actual EU governance, the Euro Skeptics clearly carried the day. In little more than 45 days since its formation, Nigel Farage's Brexit party won a commanding majority, beating out the Tory and Labor parties by a wide margin. This process was repeated in France and Italy. It shows that there's big changes coming to the EU, if not outright dissolution and this will have repercussions around the world. In other news, we cover many other trends overtaking the globe. 

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The New York Times has now said what Gerard has been saying for months/years, Trump will be re-elected in 2020. The economy may slow and perhaps war will break out at any moment, but short of something really big happening, there's a certain inevitability that Trump will win in 2020. The power of the incumbency along with a booming economy presents an almost insurmountable challenge to the Democrat Clown Car. Biden is following the Hillary strategy that worked so well in 2016. Keep a low profile and watch your poll numbers go up. Besides Biden, there doesn't appear to be a viable candidate. Who knows, maybe Mayor Pete Buttplug will be the chosen one. But besides Biden, there's no one out there who can connect with the blue collar middle class. What's a collectivist to do? 

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