The West is breaking down. Democracies seem unable to handle the onslaught of problems being thrown at them. According to Alasdair Macleod, Russia and China will be the last men standing once this economic cycle reaches its unhappy conclusion. Perhaps the rest of the world will wind up emulating their oppressive systems. It's happened in history before, and there's definitely a large rhyme taking place. 

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John Rubino and Andy Schectman joined us for a roundtable today. If the economy looks so great then why would anyone be worried about it. As John and Andy point out there's lots to worry about and that's why gold prices are breaking $1300 yet again. No doubt, President Trump will pull another rabbit out of a hat with China Trade, but then what? Debt keeps going up and so do entitlements and the demise of social security is just around the corner. And it's not much better in the rest of the world. The case for the world's most historically proven store of value just keeps getting strong and stronger. 

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Adam Andrzejewski runs, a fiscal watch dog that often blows the lid off of corrupt spending. Corporate welfare now runs $400 billion per year. Boeing is by far the largest benefactor receiving billions yearly. And they're certainly not alone. Adam tells us about $1000 coffee cups at the Pentagon, that 5 sided paragon of waste, inefficiency and corruption. It's Adam's hope that Trump will address the true swamp in his second term, should he be reelected. 

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