Just when you thought it was safe to import goods from China to the US, the negotiations collapse and Trump imposes further tariffs. The trade war is in full bloom, but who needs whom more? Without US exports Dan believes that China's GDP could decline by 1.5% or more. The US on the other hand may decline .5%. Who wins in this scenario? Dan, who lived in China and has written about it for many years, believes that the war could continue on for quite a while. And then perhaps there won't be any winners. 

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It's no secret that things aren't really getting better. A recent survey of the Millennials shows that they're in far worse than any generation since the Great Depression. This is acting as a drag on housing and the economy in general. Get ready for interest rate cuts as the economy slows. Remember, the situation is always hopeless, but never serious. 

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Chris Vermeulen joined us today. He believes that the stock market is topping out, if it hasn't already. This will lead to increased volatility and a move back to safe haven assets, i.e. gold. He believes that oil will break down briefly into the 50's and then come roaring back shortly thereafter. The bigger and faster the decline, the fast the bounce back. Interest rates are headed lower. 

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