It's no secret that the average worker's income has remained stagnant for decades. This has happened in the face of rising productivity and technological innovation and increased corporate profits. So what's a politician to do? Impose tariffs and blame the Chinese. At least that's what Danielle is thinking. At the same time, the economy could very well be headed for a slow down. How convenient, blame the eventual recession on the Chinese. 

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Now that the Mueller Investigation is over perhaps the truth can finally be told. Was there a plot to depose a duly elected president? Was it hatched at the highest levels of the Obama Administration with the invaluable assistance of the deep state, our intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence operatives? It looks like it's all about to come out. President Trump is promising to declassify all the relevant documents that will shed cleansing sunlight upon the cancerous rot in today's body politic. Which is probably why the rats are running for the exits. 

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President Trump pushed the button and the tariffs blasted off. What will be the net result? Will there be a redefinition of the China - US trade relationship? Now that the trade war has taken off in earnest, where will it all end? Where's the conversation about things we can agree upon? 

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