As Ned told us months ago, there's a serious African Swine Flu outbreak taking place in China. This has led to the slaughtering of nearly a third of their hog herd. They're quickly trying to make up the difference by buying up the difference in the US. The so-called trade war is complicating things. Ag commodities are getting ready to sky-rocket. Mid-west flooding has led to drastically decreased planting of soy beans and corn. Ned says that in 10 years, a t-bone steak could be a thing of the past. 

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According to David Horowitz, the far-Left has gone off the reservation. They're anti-American, pro-Communist and are trying to destroy everything that once made America great. They've had a multi-year war on Christianity and their emerging leaders have no idea what they're doing, or perhaps they do. Either way, they need to be defeated so the country can survive. 

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Google just drive a spike through the heart of Huawei's hearth. No more Android phone operating system for them! Everyone spies, especially the US. Is it better to have Alexa spying on you or the US Government. Neither of them have any concern for your privacy or your rights. Privacy as we used to conceive of it is rapidly disappearing. 

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