The more things change, the more they stay the same. When it comes to debt things never change. Since the beginning of time, man has been writing IOU's that often became uncollectible. The very act of farming required credit or the borrowing of other people's surpluses. Credit based on barter became very impractical and thus the need for money evolved. Today, even though we track everything on computers and global networks, the basic economic functions haven't evolved. And there's the rub. We haven't figured out how to make everyone whole and thus the need for frequent jubilees. Lending at interest kind of makes it all an inevitability. 

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Los Angeles County is in an extreme crisis. The Sheriff's Office has become ineffectual due to horrible leadership and management. That's  where Bob Lindsey comes in. With 32 years experience in the upper echelons of the Sheriff's Office, no wonder 93% of the deputies overwhelmingly support his election efforts. With 1500 openings in the office, the need to reform the office has become urgent. Unfortunately, there's really no one else who is up to the job. That's why FSN is endorsing Bob Lindsey for LA County Sheriff. 

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Frank Vernuccio says it's game on between Trump and the Deep State. Every day it becomes move obvious that the Deep State was out to sabotage Trump's campaign and after his victory they were try to depose him. Fortunately for the country, these plans failed miserably. But the fight isn't over yet. It's happening on a multitude of fronts, the Meuller Investigation, the Inspector General, the House and the Senate. It certainly appears that Trump has them on the run and is on his way to prevailing. 

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Derrick Michael Reid is a long time listener to the show and a libertarian. He's now the libertarian candidate for California's US Senate seat. He became motivated to run for public office out of a desire to help rescue the country. He believes that there's a giant wealth transfer taking place from poor to rich or the powers that be. Derrick is ideally qualified to serve with his background as an engineer, military scientist and geopolitical analyst. And his stated goals of bringing back sound money and ending the deficit are right on point. Let's hope Californians come to their senses before it's too late. 

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