Mickey Fulp and FSN have been discussing the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to Brent Crude price ratio for nearly 7 years. During that we haven't seen any so-called reputable financial publications discuss the relevance or significance of the measure. All of a sudden, John reports, the WSJ screaming warnings from the rooftops claiming that the ratio is heading into dangerous territory. What's a truth seeker to do? Contrary to their contention, the ratio isn't sending up an oil price warning signal. Rather, it's very close to its historic average and could in fact be predicting a significant price decline. Let's see what happens next. 

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Jeff Ferry writes "That for decades, economists have taught David Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage as if it is an absolute law. But the tide is turning, as some highly respected economists are now moving away from the doctrinaire position that all free trade is always good everywhere, and they begin to acknowledge that free trade and large trade deficits have inflicted substantial harm on the U.S. economy."
"From the mid-1970s on, growing trade has also meant the growing loss of good-paying jobs to competitor nations. Around the year 2000, the process accelerated. Globalization entered a new phase, 'hyper-globalization,'" which has wrought much pain and destruction upon American industrial corporations. How do we end it and have a healthy economy in the process?

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According to Trace Mayer, one of crypto currencies' earliest boosters, there's still a lot of opportunity to be had in the space. People will either figure it out or they'll be big losers. That's why you need to do your homework and not expect any governmental babysitter to protect them or come to their rescue once they've been scammed. His proprietary Mayer Multiple can help determine accurate values and keep you out of trouble. We'll be including it in our monthly reports from now on. 

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Taylor Letterman is a relative newby to the Crypto currency space. He's been developing trading bots to take advantage of price differentials on the various exchanges. He's extremely bullish on security tokens which have a bright future ahead. There's obviously regulatory issues that must be dealt with in the mean time. If the SEC regulates Cryptos will sellers and dealers need to be licensed security dealers? Many questions need to be answered and will be addressed in the not too distant future. 

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