Daniel Ameduri has built up an amazing business that he started during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. If he had taken the conventional route, going to college and then getting a good job, his life would have been much less fulfilling and interesting. It was only by taking the risk and laying it all on the line that he was able to grow as a person and achieve real self-esteem. You can always stay with a job that you hate, but until you take the plunge, you're never going to know who you can really become. 

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When we last spoke with Nick he was predicting a major dollar rally. Everyone thought he that he was only on a few cylinders, but time has proven him correct yet again. The dollar is soaring and roaring and the Euro is tumbling and people are scratching their heads. It's been a tremendous market advance and Nick has cashed in. All is not well in Euroland and Deutsche Bank's chart is looking horrible. Greece has issues again and so does Italy and of course the ECB continues to buy debt to keep it all going. There's lots more in store. 

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