They're voting with their feet. 800,000 people set to leave New York and California due to the new tax act. The death knell of these states is that the state and local tax deduction under the new law is limited to $10,000 per annum. In California just 43,000 people will be paying an average of $225,000 more per year. Some leftist economists have the gaul to argue that tax increases of this magnitude in high tax states will have no affect. This is naive and untrue. The migration from high tax states to low tax states has been going on for the past 50 years. Refusal to admit this reality will only result in disaster. 

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Dr. Jerome Corsi joined us again today. He's of the distinct opinion that Q anon has been compromised. The information coming out of the 8 Chan Board is completely different in nature before. The soothing words to Trust the Plan no longer suffice. It could be a deep state hijacking of the once believable and honest Q anon. Demonization of those writing books and earning money off the phenomena is designed to divide the movement and frustrate the participants. Combined with an unleashing of Trolls and you have a perfectly implemented deep state op. Should we be surprised? Let's start seeing some arrests and public airing of the evidence. Let the people judge. 

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We hadn’t talked with Chris Duane in quite a while. He’s been busier than ever creating new silver coins. He’s done over 150 so far and is averaging 4 per week now. They all carry a message, that the debt/death paradigm is coming to its natural conclusion. It’s just a matter of time. And time is running shortl. 

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