It's quite amusing and entertaining watching the Q anon cottage industry respond to the latest drops. Much of what is contained in these drops appears to be coming true. I'm still waiting for Hillary's arrest, but who knows? I'll settle for everyone other than Hillary and Obama being brought to justice. Many of you ask why isn't it happening sooner, faster. You're impatient for the swamp to be drained. The answer requires a little thought. Trump could simply sign 10 executive orders demanding that the whole matter be disclosed and action be taken. He could be just like Obama with his pen and phone. But will that really help restore the rule of law to America. We've been living in a state of increasing lawlessness arguably since the execution of JFK. The rule of law must be restored and using it in an uncorrupted way to bring these deep state actors will go a long way in that regard. This is a case where the process is almost as important as the substance. Trump and Sessions get that and they're doing their best to bring it about. Also a little Trumpian showmanship doesn't hurt either. Timing is everything and Trump is a master of it. 

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In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration: An America First Manifesto (releases May 21) authors John Zmirak and Al Perrotta emphasize why it is SO important that America BUILDS THE WALL.

“With a Wall, you know who’s coming through the door. If you need a ticket to get into a concert, you should need a ticket to get into the country.”

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President Trump has been promoting a major increase in infrastructure spending. Howard Comes believes that it's not enough to spend more. Howard has personally investigated a number of failed South Carolina infrastructure projects and explains why these things happen. It's not a question of how much money gets spent, but rather the corruption and deliberate sabotage that takes place endangers the public and wastes our money on a colossal scale. Disasters like the recent FAU Bridge Collapse in Miami and the crumbling Oakland Bay Bridge span show that there is more accountability and standards. Until then these disasters will keep happening. 

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