While it might be more personally satisfying and will always strengthen your integrity, let's face the facts, lying is more profitable than telling the truth. The dishonesty is rampant at all levels of society, whether it's Democrats assuring voters that Social Security isn't really bankrupt or a car dealer leasing you a vehicle that you can't afford to buy. Imagine if Aaron started telling his a**hole consulting clients lies, he'd have them lined up around the block. But alas, eventually the truth will win out and then where will you find yourself? 

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It's no secret that the US debt has gone exponential, much like the stock market. While Donald Trump may be an expert in corporate bankruptcy, he's never taken a country through Chapter 11 before. But it sure looks like he's going to get his chance, sooner rather than later. Which is why precious metals are still a good idea, especially because of the apathetic response they're currently receiving.

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Bill Tatro joined us to talk about common investment fallacies. A major one is that if you're behind on your investment goals you should try to catch up by placing bets in safe exotic derivatives. Bill recounts the story of a fellow party-goer who just lost his shirt shorting the VIX. The Volatility Index is much like NATGAS futures, it's a widow maker. Which confirms that old Wall Street saw, "Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered." 

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