George Matheis has branched out. He's now training dogs for personal protection. Whether it's a German Shepherd or a Chihuahua, a dog can be an invaluable layer of protection in your home or your life. Since they can perceive danger, hear far off potential intruders and defend their master to the end, they're better than any alarm or other self-defense tool. 

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As John sees it, the latest tax cut has merely cleared the way for even more stock buybacks. This does nothing to help the employees or the economy, but the management will profit handsomely. And therein lies the problem. While the employees are getting modest bonuses and raises, upper management is scoring big time. This will eventually lead to unrest and rebellion. Let's see if he's right or if the tax cuts benefit the economy bigly. 

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Nick Santiago called the market almost perfectly the last time we spoke with him. Markets, while not crashing, would start to become far more volatile and this would present amazing opportunities. According to Nick, we're no longer in a "buy and hold" market. Rather, to make money now, you need to be a market technician and watch for the signs. But there's hope, this is exactly what Nick's been doing for over a decade. And he's looking forward to capitalizing on these hidden opportunities to build wealth. The good news is Nick doesn't see a bear market for many years. The Trump Train has left the station. 

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