Fed chairmen/chairwomen will come and go but the Fed is the Fed. That's why the real underlying policy has not changed with Yellen's replacement by Powell. And it won't change. The small stick is getting ever smaller, namely interest rate manipulation and money printing. The bubbles will keep on coming, whether it's Bitcoin or the stock market. Promises that were made cannot be kept, whether it's pensions or social security or medicare. A surefire prescription for chaos. 

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As expected, the Fed has announced that it's going to be more lenient towards the inflation rate. We're not too surprised about this turn of affairs. In fact, we've been expecting it for some time. That means a slow down in rate hikes and probably a weakening dollar and lower rates than the market has been anticipating. But that's how the system works. 

And finally, China is abolishing term limits for the president. Where have we heard that one before? 

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When it comes to investing, the rich truly are different than you and I. One of the ways they excel, while the rest achieve mediocre returns, is through their informal high net worth investment networks. These are groups of successful wealthy people who connect with similar people, allowing them access to special high yielding low risk deals. Buck has figured out how to do it himself and he shows you how to do it too. Once you really start thinking about your investment choices, things will never be the same. 

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