Eric joined us to give his views on market action. Gold followed according to expectations, rallying the end of the year and into February. He's expecting it to go lower heading into March and then reassert the bullish trend through November. Oil went higher and then corrected slightly, probably in anticipation of higher prices later in the year. The dollar had a bounce and is likely to head lower later in the year. And stock markets are showing much more volatility and getting ready lower prices. 2950-2980 in the Stoxx 50 index is the important level to watch. They could be heading to their 2016 lows, which would trigger some liquidation in markets around the globe. Finally, when Bitcoin saw its final surge into December it was indicator of things to come in other markets. As a result gold saw a surge from anti-dollar money flowing into it. It's got a few more months to go before it goes into the next uptrend. 

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We're doomed! So says our good friend Steve St. Angelo. The return on energy invested (eroi) is going down to crisis levels. This will result in a future crisis and this is what assures the ultimate value of gold and silver. That's why there's so much debt holding up the edifice of the economy. Once the debt goes, everything goes with it. 

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Noted author and activist David Horowitz joined us to talk about the real racism in America today. As a practical matter, institutionalized racism against African-Americans is all but gone. But racism against whites is all the rage and perfectly acceptable. David believes that President Trump is a beacon of light on the subject. He doesn't kow-tow to political correctness and calls it the way he sees, such as when he called Liddle Adam Schiff a liar. David believes that we all need to speak out now before it's too late. 

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