Interest rates are going up and this could mean that stocks, housing and economies could be going down. Debt keeps going up and how much longer can the world continue on? The world cannot take higher rates. The party is ending. In February markets starting going down and it was attributed to rising wages. However, when we look behind the headlines we see that supervisory wages were up most and regular laborers saw smaller increases. Housing is taking a hit. Sales are down and inventories are at normal levels. Any decrease will immediately be affected in lower prices. 

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Safeguard tariffs imposed by President Trump on imported solar cells and panels have been in effect for just over a week, but already we’re seeing moves to boost U.S. solar production in response. No fewer than nine solar manufacturing companies are planning to launch or expand solar manufacturing in the U.S., according to our latest information. This is great news for the U.S. solar industry, because it shows that tariffs can produce the intended effect of boosting a U.S. industry, and, with it, jobs, research and development. It further suggests the U.S. has the opportunity to regain its leadership position in this critical industry.

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Major Scott A. Huesing came on to share his harrowing experiences in the Middle East as described in his book, Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of U.S. Marines in Iraq’s Deadliest City.

His gripping and deeply personal account of modern urban combat  of leading 250 men through Ramadi, Iraq, from 2006-2007. He and his group of Marines from Echo Company fought daily in dangerous, dense city streets during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Bound together by brotherhood, honor, and the horror they faced, Echo’s Marines battled on the frontline of a totally different kind of war – one without rules. Huesing brings these resilient, resolute young men to life and shows how the savagery of urban combat left indelible scars on their bodies, psyches, and souls.

Transparently told by the man who endured them, Echo in Ramadi includes action-packed and heart-wrenching stories of:

- The chaotic skirmishes where the frontline was everywhere, and their enemy wore no uniform

- His recurring agony over the deaths of his Marines, and the heart-wrenching phone calls he had to make to their families

- The selfless love of Gold Star families toward their son’s surviving comrades

- His battle to overcome PTS in the years following his service
Major Huesing is the executive director of Save the Brave – a non-profit organization that supports veterans dealing with PTS. A portion of the Echo in Ramadi’s proceeds will be donated to STB.

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We all know that the government wastes tremendous sums of money on useless programs that do no good whatsoever. But the real crime according to John and the Austrian School of Economics is the lost opportunity cost of the misspent money to society. Every dollar spent by government is one dollar that cannot be profitably invested in the private economy. This isn't a new problem. George Washington bemoaned the fact that government always got ripped off by military vendors. The more things change... But where would we be if government spending were just half of what it is today? By some estimates our economy would be nearly triple its size if we had skipped Johnson's Great Society programs. 

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