There's a lot of discussion about how shale oil is bringing down energy costs and increasing the supply greatly. The question is, "At what cost?" We've seen numerous bankruptcies in the energy patch and these hi-flyers are producing negative cashflow. Is this really what the future looks like? Next, Electric Vehicles or EV's are supposed to solve all our energy/pollution problems. Really? The death of the internal combustion engine is great exaggerated. It's not going to happen overnight or even in a decade, if at all. It's a process that will take a long time. Ending private ownership of vehicles could have great benefits, but don't break out your app for that self-driving Uber car just yet!

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Boston University's Professor Laurence Kotlikoff is different than most of his colleagues in academia. He looks for real solutions to real problems that his fellow citizens are living through. Following his advice will help me to realize over $100,000 in lifetime income that I never knew was possible.

Not content to rest on his laurels, he's released 2 incredible financial tools that could potentially help millions. First is the divorce settlement analyzer. Feed in the numbers and change scenarios and it allows both parties to optimize the settlement and will help save on taxes as well! Next, he's created a budget/spending tool that helps you maximize your spending during your lifetime. It's a great tool that can work for almost anyone. Keep up the great work Professor!

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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Complete dissociation of Fed "rate hike" with market reality
-rates near lows

-Treasury yield curve historic inversion (in China, too!)

-plunging commodities, EM currencies, OPEC/Saudi chaos ("my newest most likely to catalyze the big one<>")

-today's article, "valuation anomalies suggest historic Precious Metal lows"

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