Gun control advocates frequently advise against people using guns for self-defense. But Michael Bloomberg, Rosie O’Donnell, and various anti-gun politicians are all protected by guns.


In May, associate history professor Jacob Dorman resigned from the University of Kansas. He accepted another tenured position at a different public university in a non-campus-carry state. In his resignation letter, Dorman predicted that Kansas will be “driving off faculty members” when it enacts campus carry on July 1. The professors expressed concern that a permit holder might get angry over a grade and start shooting. Has this ever happened? Would recruitment and attendance suffer?


Twelve states mandate the right to permitted concealed carry on public college campuses, and an additional 22 states leave it up to the university. Were there any reports of disturbances?

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Innovator of Technology and IT Expert Nick Paras joined us today to discuss Home Security Breaches. This is an emerging trend in IT Security and one that every American needs to prepare against. 

It is a known fact that billions of devices will be connected to the internet by the year 2020. With all this technology comes the idea of consumers exposing themselves to an increased risk of falling victim to criminal activity such as being hacked.

Possibly one of the biggest risks for consumers lies in home automation systems that control every aspect of the home from the temperature and lighting to the home security system. With access to one’s security system, hackers can gain entry into a house, get a look inside and steal valuable items without the alarm systems reacting.

So you need to start re-thinking just how connected your home really has to be. 

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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Yesterday's must read article, "2017 - the Year of Monetary Revolution, Revisited"

-Precious Metals breaking above 200 week and 5 ½ year downtrend lines; Bitcoin/Crypto surging

-Interest rates, commodity prices, dollar index, economic data plunging - as the Fed prepares to potentially shock the world with dovishness next week

-Dotcom valuations in a Great Depression Era

-The end of OPEC?

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