Ace investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen was hot on the trail of the JFK Assassination. She had interviewed Jack Ruby twice and was in fear for her life. Then she died mysteriously and it was ruled a suicide. But writer Mark Shaw keeps turning up more and more evidence that it was actually a badly concealed homicide. Now, due to his efforts, the Manhattan DA's office has reopened the investigation. Where's it heading? Mark tells us the latest developments in the case. 

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California is in a world of financial pain. The debt is growing exponentially, producers are fleeing the state and the administration of Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown isn't just powerless to stop it, it's adding gasoline to the fire. It's to the point where even our good friend Joe Messina is thinking about planning his escape. Well perhaps one day they'll learn, however it won't happen soon, unless there's a crash or shall we say when. They're surely not listening to Joe. So until that day, California will continue to circle the drain. 

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Terrorist attacks have become a regular occurrence in England. What can be done about it? Seems like there's always a reason why they didn't stop the guys from carrying out the attack, even though they were well aware of them before the deed was done. Will vacating the Middle East and leaving them to their own demise solve the problem? John believes it couldn't make it worse. 

Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is irrelevant. Cheap solar will eventually make the matter moot, if it's not already. There won't be much CO2 when everyone is driving an electric self-driving vehicle and generating their energy from the sun. 

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Andrew Zatlin joined us today. He believes that the Trump Bump/Trumphoria is over. His agenda is at least temporarily stalled and we won't be seeing anything happening till 2018 at the earliest. Therefore, the economy will be kicking along until something happens. What will that do for the economy? Are we going to see higher growth? What's next? 

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