Bitcoin is nearly $3000! That's the good news. The bad news is that the Bitcoin chart is looking parabolic. Unless the end of the global financial system is arriving shortly, this can only mean that the price is being manipulated up, by the powers that be, to facilitate a major crash, thus undermining the confidence in crypto-currencies. To be decided shortly, mark my words. 

In other news, President Trump will not be impeached, yet anyway. The Comey affair is a bunch of nothing wrapped up in yesterday's New York Times. Think about it, why would Trump fire Comey when he was out of the office 3000 miles from DC? Answer, to allow his AG to take control of Comey's office and retrieve all the damaging files on all the DC Insiders. This is the FBI's heads traditional role since J. Edgar Hoover. And it worked like a charm. You don't hear many dems crying to impeachment now, because Trump now knows where the bodies are buried. 

Finally, NYC keeps declining more and more. They're celebrating a terrorist for the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. Nothing surprising here. 

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