Woody O'Brien joined us. He's of the opinion that the average person believes what Putin says over the mainstream media. Russia has nuclear weapons, shouldn't we be talking to them regularly? No one has ever had worse media coverage than Donald Trump. You can tell a lot about a person by the enemies they make. Trump may not be perfect, but he's not satan. The people who buy into it already voted for Hilary, not Trump. Trump's supporters are impervious. 

Woody thinks we're heading to recession and if congress doesn't act on taxes or Obamacare. If we don't get things going soon, it will be too late and the stock market will suffer accordingly.  

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A major cost in doing an Amazon Store is shipping, the cost of getting the product from Asian Factory to Amazon. Nearly 50% of our product's total all-in cost,  went to shipping. Now, Mike is chartering containers monthly from Shanghai to the US. From there the container goes to a customs clearing agent. The agent then forwards it to Amazon's facility. The cost savings is remarkable, coming in at least 70% below current costs. For our products, we could realize savings of over $2,000 per shipment. This savings goes right to the bottom line, pure profit. 

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Daniel Greenfield joined us to discuss the War on Donald Trump. Fake News is running rampant. It's stuff that's passed off as news that never really happened. Whereas before we were just dealing with bias, but now it's completely invented. Stronger libel laws won't work and neither will government cracking down on the media. The only solution is a more enlightened and informed electorate and public. But then we have the problem of the warped educational system. But Daniel is an optimist and believes we will find a way out of the morass. 

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The Trump administration is in trouble now. Former Congressman John LeBoutillier likens Donald Trump to the late owner of the Yankees George Steinbrenner. They're both off the cuff, larger than life, intense people. His ability to govern is in question. Will he be able to turn it around? Jury is out. 

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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today's must read article, "Made in America - the Perfect Precious Metals Storm";

Trump/Comey scandal - the end of America as we've known it, and the commencement of crisis;

-Trump-flation dead, time for PMs to shine;

Monetary revolution;

History's most overdue financial crisis.

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