Ron Frost author of Getting Unstuck: The 9 Keys to creating more Prosperity, Fulfillment and Joy, joined us today. We discussed the fear of success being a much larger problem than the fear of failure. Everyone understands their fear of failing, but few understand they might be suffering from a fear of success. It takes different forms but it's often present and holding you back. A lot of good advice here. 

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Lew Weiss has spent his entire life in the manufacturing sector. He's happy that President Trump has devoted much attention to the importance of manufacturing to the US Economy. He sees the sector rebounding, but not necessarily because of Trump. Yes Trump's proposed tax policy and regulatory relief is a major plus, however he hasn't gotten it through congress yet and may never. Rather, it's the US's supply of cheaper energy, access to water and proximity to major markets. He's seen a pick-up over the last year that's quite encourage. Lew encourages younger people to take a serious look at a career in this sector. Jobs are plentiful and the pay is way above average. Imagine if there's a positive move on the policy front to further help things along. 

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With the VIX making new lows daily, fear in the stock market is reaching all time lows. The last time this happened was in 2006 and we all know what happened after that. The market went up for a number of months after the VIX hit its low but then crashed and lost 50 percent of its value. Ned thinks this is a Black Swan event in the making. People are getting way over the top in their optimism about the market. The good news is gold and silver will soar once the market goes through its crash. Don't worry about the daily moves in gold and silver. Sanity will soon be restored. 

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It's no secret that finding the mother lode keeps getting harder and harder to do. A new generation of miners is entering the industry. They are younger, creative and don't hesitate to utilize the best new technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. In addition, the majors have effectively abandoned exploration and have subcontracted it out to the juniors. Large mining companies are very slow to move and are generally unable to take advantage of new opportunities. Thus the junior miners exist to locate and uncover new mines that will eventually be taken over by the majors. That's why a conference like the Metals Investor Forum has taken on so much more importance in recent years. 

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