2016 turned out to be a pretty decent year, economically speaking anyway. The latest 2017 economic numbers are decidedly downcast. Can Trump's proposed tax plan fix it? The current recovery has been going on for 9 years, almost a life time. A recession now would lead to even higher deficits and more pressure on the Fed and the government. Eventually, there will be a day of reckoning. It's not if, but when. A recession will bring us that much closer. If the US doesn't grow than no other country will grow either. 

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Eddie Ghabour is a bull and Trump's Tax reform proposal has made him even more so. There's a lot of great things contained therein:

1. Reducing corp tax rate to 15% will be a huge windfall that will get reinvested into the economy.

2. What is not talked about enough that I feel has a huge impact is the corp tax rate affects the small business in America that are pass throughs. This is huge for the small business owner.

3. Simplifying the code to 3 brackets makes a lot of sense. It's too complicated as it stands now.

4. Doing away with AMT is another windfall that is well overdue.

5. In summary this is a pro growth tax plan that is a big change from where we stand that has the potential for big positive results.

6. If this passes I believe the bull market is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

But will Congress pass it in some form? 

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Virtually all stock markets were up in April, Dow 1.3%, TSX.V down slightly, everything else keeps going up. Dollar down breaking 100 on the index, Euro up 2.3%. Rate on the 10 Year is coming back down. Bitcoin was up 22%! On the metals front, Gold was up 1.5% and silver was down almost 6. Platinum down palladium up. Dr. Copper down almost 2%. Down month for WTI and Brent -3.0%. Natgas defying the weather up nearly 6%. U308 down nearly 7%. Gold to silver ration back over 70. Platinum to Gold hits .74, very very low.  

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Josh has been trading for 8 years and has over 16,000 hours of experience. Hasn’t had a losing month since February 2016. No losing days since February 13, 2017. He’s won on over 76% of his investments. Oil looks like its heading higher and this is good news for the Canadian Dollar. The Euro should be heading lower. Josh says with opportunities like this, it’s a great time to be investing. 

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