It appears that one of FSN's biggest fans, at least where Wayne Allyn Root is concerned is the left wing organization RightWinWatch.Org. Wayne says their mission in life is to constantly monitor conservative interviews and quote them out of context. Who has the time for such a questionable activity? You guessed,  unemployed Democrats with way too much time on their hands. Good to know they possess such dedication to such a wonderful cause. Wayne also mentioned that the Republicans need to start investigation the Democrats. Seth Rich, the stolen election from Bernie, among other issues. We all agree that there's no such things as coincidences in politics, so now's the time to clear the air. 

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Hollywood is bombing and this is especially true of the latest bomb, the remake of Baywatch with top start Dwayne Johnson. Johnson is interested in running for president and the media is thrilled, however the real world isn't. Hard to take him seriously, but the media has pretended to. The lesson here is that politics of any kind has no place in Hollywood, at least as far as their work-product is concerned. They can do whatever they want in their spare time, but don't sully your workplace. Keep politics out of award shows and any other non-politically related entertainment medium. Otherwise, the only thing you succeed in doing is destroying your brand and your ability to make a living. 

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The Next 100 Days Could Mark a Return to Reality for the Financial Markets

With the "Honeymoon" Over, the Next 100 Days Could Mark a Return to Reality for the Financial Markets

As expected, Trump fans and haters argued about the pros and cons of his first 100 days in office, but there is little argument about his impact on the stock market. The markets have hit new peak highs several times since November 8 in a “honeymoon” rally based almost entirely on optimism about Trump’s corporate-friendly economic policies. Yet, apart from all the irrational exuberance on Wall Street, Trump’s first 100 days were indeed a mixed bag worthy of debate.

We saw signs that his ambitious economic agenda might succeed, but just as many signs that it might stall, fizzle, or end up severely watered down. Meanwhile, the markets remain inconsistent with economic realities, and investors are waiting either nervously or eagerly (depending on their perspective) to see what the next 100 days will bring. Will it be the validation of Wall Street’s optimism? Or, will it be political gridlock, policy failures, increasing global tensions, and a dramatic directional change for the stock market?

Last month, Jeff discussed the fact that an increasing number of analysts and economists are convinced that a major market correction may be on the horizon despite whether Trump succeeds or fails. I’ve also pointed out that even if that doesn’t happen, the markets aren’t likely to climb much higher with Trump’s value already priced into them based on optimism. In other words, even if he manages to deliver on his promise of 4 percent GDP growth, that should only allow actual corporate earnings to catch up with the overvalued market.

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Have you dreamed for years of having your own business? But you never did anything about it. There are many reasons we allow ourselves to dream for years without actually taking any tangible action: it feels safe, daydreaming is fun, it's a form of escapism, or it gives us hope.

But when you finally decide to take it from the dream state and bring it into the real world, the very first decision you are faced with is figuring out what exactly you want to do. This is the point when the pitfalls begin, which lead to procrastination. What are the ways to avoid these traps? How do we stay positive and keep running a successful business?

Corporate Training Expert Mark Bowser joins us to talk about it and how you can get off your asset and end the trap of procrastination.

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