Robert Bakke, says his hope for Trump is fading rapidly, and for a pointed reason. “The Johnson Amendment marked the unraveling of America,” says Bakke, “Unless Trump follows through on his pledge to destroy it, Trump will fail.” Bakke, who says he avoids organized religion at all costs, is referring to legislation that was introduced back in 1954 when Texas Senator, Lyndon Johnson, was fighting to retain his senate seat. While being challenged by Texan, Dudley Dougherty (who was supported by a non-profit organization) Johnson introduced an amendment to the federal tax code, banning charitable organizations from supporting political candidates. The amendment became law and overflowed to prohibit churches and pastors from supporting political candidates. “Just imagine what would happen if women were banned from politics,” says Bakke.

Bakke says America’s success was a direct result of keeping Biblical principles at the forefront. “This isn’t about religion,” says Bakke, “It’s about everyone working together, just as a football team needs a playbook to keep everyone on the same page. You don’t have to like the play, but check the results. The Bible was America’s playbook, but the Johnson Amendment took it away.” Bakke says Trump doesn’t stand a chance unless the principals that built America are reinfused into our government. “Check the divorce rate, check the economy, check the debt clock,” says Bakke, “The Bible says a nation shall never borrow money, but now we’re 20-trillion in debt. That better scare you.”

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Noted author and speaker David Horowitz was all set to appear at Berkley a/k/a Berserkerly but the administration had other ideas. They put up all sorts of obstacles, both financial and procedural. As a result the event was cancelled and the college will remain a safe-space for now. David wants the DOJ to crack down on this state of affairs and withhold all government funding from these so-called institutions of higher learning. 

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Andrew Zatlin is upbeat about hiring and the economic situation of the country. Trump is transitioning the country away from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into things that are directly involved in the US's interests. Trump's pro-business team know how to run things. Unfortunately, the Congress has been resistant and unaccommodating. Can Trump get his program through? Let's see what happens next.

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Is Trump about to change your 401(k)'s biggest tax break? The Trump administration is embarking on new efforts to study and possibly dismantle some of President Obama’s tax and financial regulations.

Lawmakers are looking at dramatically changing these retirement plans. President Donald Trump was elected, in part, because of his championing of income tax reform, with promises of a simplified structure of tax rates for individuals and lower tax rates on corporations. Yet at no time during the campaign did the president signal that the way his administration would pay for those moves would involve taking away one of the most popular and widely used tax breaks in the income tax system.


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