Danielle joined us today. Happy Days are here again or are they? The Case Schiller Index is almost back to where it was in 2006. While the housing sector has recovered somewhat, housing's contribution to GDP is around half of where it was at its peak. Incomes and employment are still depressed so how high can it really go? In Canada they're still at peak levels, but it shows signs of cracking. Will Canada repeat the US's performance. Maybe now is not the time to be buying homes in Vancouver and elsewhere. 

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Jason Hartman believes that the world has changed and not all for the bad. His new theme is self-sufficiency for the New Economy. Whether it's how you make your money or make your investments, you need to be in control. That means taking responsibility for yourself and making informed decisions. It's a matter of survival. Technology now allows property owners to self-manage their property almost any place in the country. There's challenges, but there's huge rewards too. 

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What Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

A globally dangerous, and unquestionably inflectionary point in history, centered around November 8th;
Markets never more rigged, and ripe for "unrigging" - particularly if Trump wins;
OPEC production cut, Deutsche Bank solvency, and other epic con jobs shortly to be destroyed;
Precious Metal prices never more undervalued relative to fundamentals, since they started "freely trading" four decades ago.

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