Chris Vermeulen, the Gold and Oil Guy, believes that the stock market is getting closer and closer to a peak. At some point it's going down and going down hard. The key is getting out before that happens. That also means that it's time to take a closer look at commodities. And perhaps going short as well. Chris sees the highflying gold and silver stocks taking a breather now, probably retracing by 10-13 percent. He believes that this is just a short term pullback and if done properly it's a major opportunity. 

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Stock markets hit all time highs on September 6. NASDAQ had an amazing month as did the Russell 2000. Not much movement in the currency markets. Bitcoin was up 6 percent. Gold and silver are up strongly for the year but are currently range bound. Palladium is showing some strength. Energy was up this month with WTI up 7% and Henry Hub was up 5.3%. Uranium crashed finishing up at 22.25. How much lower can it go? It's down 125 for the month, 16% for the quarter and 48% for the year! Disaster for the Uranium Sector. 

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Joe Alton talks about the first presidential debate of 2016.He's unimpressed with the performance of both candidates. Hillary Clinton was stodgy, smug, and, well, all the things that you've come to expect of Hillary Clinton. But Madame President (we might have to get used to that term) knew that she had Donald Trump squirming towards the end, so much so that she felt comfortable enough to play the "sexist" card.

Donald Trump started off strong and you thought that he might gain some new support from those that want a presidential, yet strong, commander-in-chief. And then his skin got in the way; his orange-pink, thin-as-a-slice-of-prosciutto skin.

Donald Trump has some gut instincts as to what will play before an audience, but he doesn't have the presence of mind that one-on-one debating requires; the ability to grasp upon something, just said by your opponent, that you can turn to your advantage.

That doesn't mean to say that he never takes an opening. When Clinton garbled that she wasn't in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Trump jumped in with "You said it was the Gold Standard!"

In a discussion about jobs, Trump parried Clinton's standard stump blather with "But you haven't done that in 30 years!" To be honest, Trump would have won the debate if he had just said that after every one of her talking points. Just as Ronald Reagan used "There you go again" to unseat Jimmy Carter.

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John Rubino joined us for our Monday morning chat. Deutsche Bank's troubles are continuing and compounding. Something will have to be done soon or it's going to collapse. Our opinion is that it will be nationalized along with many or most of Europe's largest banks. It's all about derivatives and leverage and no one knows what the true state of the world's banks really is. 

We also discussed the Donald's taxes and much more. 

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