Business networking is a way for you to make the maxim, "It's not what you know, it's who you know.” work for you. 

If you're on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you will see people running their own businesses, like India Hicks, Rodan and Fields, and Thirty-One just to name a few, solely using a wi-fi connection. These companies are so successful in drawing people into to sell their stuff because you can do it from almost anywhere.

If you speak to someone who runs a Rodan and Fields business they claim they can make upwards of six to seven figures a year from a Wi-Fi connection on their laptop or smartphone. Even though you do not have the overhead of a conventional startup you still have to treat it as one by marketing it and growing it so that it's profitable.

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Hillary Clinton called TPP “the gold standard.” The most focused statement Clinton made about the TPP was as follows: "I’m going to have a special prosecutor. We’re going to enforce the trade deals we have, and we’re going to hold people accountable." That statement is absurd. First, trade deals are generally enforced by taking grievances to the World Trade Organization and/or the global courts, via the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. These contentious situations often take years to be resolved. And while the aggrieved parties await resolutions, American industry suffers. For example, the U.S. steel industry's production fell 27% in 2015, largely due to currency manipulation and illegal dumping on the part of Asian nations, especially China. If Clinton were going to appoint a special prosecutor - and we're assuming here that such a person would actually have the power to make a dent in trade problems - why didn't she influence the appointment of such a person at any point during the last 30 years? 

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What's Happening Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

The Deutschebank Destruction Raid - WHY?

Was the raid on gold about Deutschebank?

How can anyone be complacent any longer?

No one believes the central banks can do anything anymore?

And more...

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