Ned Schmidt joined us for a review of the metals markets. As he described it, the 2nd Battle of Britain is underway. This led to a slamming of gold and the pound by the banks in reaction to the British Government's progression towards Brexit. Ned believes that the banks/The City are sticking it to the leadership as they have been completely opposed to Brexit from the get go. This led US traders to believe that happy days were here again for the dollar and that there would shortly be an interest rate hike. Really? Let's see how far that goes. Ned believes that prices won't just recover but that they'll be going every higher very shortly. So stay tuned!

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First hurricane since moving to South Florida 4 years ago. You think you're prepared and then disaster gets ready to strike and you find out that your plan isn't really worth much. I've got water, emergency preparedness food and other survival tools, but I quickly realized it's just not enough. As I drove around Northern Palm Beach County looking for an open gas station it all hit me. There just weren't any open. I finally found a station selling ethanol-free gas. The average citizen had no idea what this stuff was and shunned it. Knowing a little something about cars, I jumped at it, even though it was priced at $3.50 per gallon, but at least I got a full tank. 

But what if the economy had collapsed and these stations weren't going to reopen in a few days? What if the supermarket shelves weren't going to be restocked? Where would we be then? This was a localized potential disaster of limited duration. I could easily escape it by fleeing to Florida's West Coast. Fortunately Palm Beach County dodged the bullet and the storm didn't hit us. Were it a widespread national or international disaster there would be no place to hide. Time to rethink that plan and figure something else out. 

Lots more in this installment. NYC's Taxi drivers no longer need to no English. Why learn English when you have GPS? 

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