Greg Mannarino joined us for a frank discussion of the way things are. He's found a way to prosper in the false economy, at least in the short term. Because trading never really looks at the underlying fundamentals, you can do well even when the world is burning. Greg believes that ultimately protection and salvation will be found in real assets like gold and silver, which have been artificially capped and held range bound. No one knows when the day of reckoning is coming, but it is certainly closer than ever. 

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Several years ago Chris Duane was a major voice in the alternative media. His YouTube videos got millions of views. His treatises were widely read. His websites were constantly visited. And then, he felt he'd done enough. He dropped out of the public eye and devoted himself to designing his custom silver coins. These were unlike any that were ever done before. They carried a powerful message. Among them, debt and death sustained Western Civilization. He's now put out over 100 custom coins and shows no signs of slowing down. The world is changing and Chris believes that the people must become aware in order for them to survive and prosper and take back control. 

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Over the weekend it was announced that AT&T plans to take over Time Warner. Are happy days here again or is this the sign of another market peak? These gigantic mergers usually happen right at the peak, as history has shown time and again. Now the media is singing a happy tune for the EU. Things are supposedly looking up across the pond. Is it really real or is it a meme? 

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