Sandy Botkin, CPA and attorney talks about how to maximize your spouse's social security payments. Like everything else the government does, there's no simple solution. It all depends upon your situation. For some it makes sense to start receiving payments as soon as possible. For others, it makes sense to wait until age 70. Sandy goes through the myriad of possibilities to help decide which is right for you. 

We also discuss the grandparent scam. If you're a grandparent and get an urgent plea for cash from your grandchild in the middle of the night, think twice before wiring the cash. 

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Danielle Park was on today, really on. With all that's going on in the world, this is a time where people need to be more concerned about return of investment, rather than return on investment. Each day that the bull market continues means that the risk of staying in increases. The average non-professional investor has no means of assessing that risk. Even the so-called professionals are lacking in that skill. But soon, they'll get the necessary education. 

We also discussed Elizabeth Warren. In a Congress where most members are beholden to the financial powers that be, Warren is different. While she is clearly ignorant of the benefit of free markets, she has proven herself to be a worthy adversary of the banksters. Let's see where it get her. 

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We caught up with Peter Grandich today. Peter says there are many signs that speculation has gotten out of hand. Junk bonds and securitized subprime auto loans are out of control. They could be the next bubble to pop. The signs are there. When even a rigged casino starts losing money, it's time to head for the exits, witness Atlantic City, New Jersey. The general economy is not much different. 

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We talked with market historian and analyst Bob Hoye today. The key factor to watch now is the further credit deterioration that will take place in the months ahead. You will witness dollar firming which could be bad for gold and silver in the short term. Expect miners to be taken down with the general market. 

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Gold is under selling pressure today but is still above $1300. Silver seems impervious. Big decision comes down from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, overturning many of the Obamacare subsidies paid out under a loose interpretation of the law. Right after we recorded it, the 4th Circuit in Richmond Virginia handed down a contrary ruling. Sounds like it's headed to the Supreme Court. 

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