Michael Krieger joined to discuss various memes taking place in society. Right now someone is claiming that the terrorist group ISIS plans to use Bitcoin to finance it's operations. Absurd on its face, the story is getting traction. We also discussed the Facebook mood experiment where they attempted to manipulate user moods by the content of their newsfeed. Who do you think was behind that one?

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We caught up with John Manfreda. Something is up with the Fed and QE. Will they phase it out and just force the banks to step up consumer lending regardless of the risks? This might be the case. Banks are issuing new credit cards like there's no tomorrow. It won't end well. It never has before. But it has to be good for gold. 

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There's a disaster taking place on the southern border. Ten's of thousands of Central American children are crossing it based upon rumors of amnesty circulating around their countries. Will they be allowed to stay in the USA? Of course there are other problems with the immigration debate, what to do with the illegals already in the country. John believes that children who were raised here should be granted citizenship. Adults, however, are a different story. They should receive a green card and nothing else. Allow them to pay taxes and work legally, but no citizenship and no vote. 

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