Jeffrey Tucker, publisher of Laissez Faire books and founder of is extremely bullish on Bitcoin. He sees the recent problems with the exchanges as learning experiences and believes that demand is taking off for the crypto-currency. With increasing instability and more doubts about the viablity of national currencies, he sees more people turning to the crypto-currencies. There's also the issue of security and reduced transaction fees. He believes that diversifying your holdings will protect you against future Mt. Gox melt downs. 

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Harvey Organ has been following the gold and silver for many years. Guess what, it's all going to China and Russia. But there's a problem, the West is running out. Harvey thinks that the Federal Reserve has been surreptiously shipping out all the gold that they store, even though it's not theirs to ship. If so, one day soon it's all going to hit the fan. And that day will be soon. 

And now Agrentina is getting ready to default. The vultures are circling. That could lead to billions in losses for the major banks due to credit default swaps. Will a deal be cut before that happens? Harvey thinks it will, but they've got just 30 days to get it done. But many other countries are running dangerously low of cash as well. Who will be next? 


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