Meet Cyrus G. a 21 year old gold skeptic. He believes that the stock market, while high, is fairly priced and going higher. We don't disagree. Our only contention is that the world is a very complex and dangerous place and that government often gets it wrong. The Federal Reserve and its brillian central bankers always get it wrong, blowing bubbles through loose monetary policy, only to see things blow and people get hurt as a result. Witness 1929 and 2008-9 and countless recessions in between. Cyrus believes that gold and silver will decline within the next three years and who knows, he maybe right. But if he's wrong and there's a black swan event, would you rather be holding soon to be worthless stocks or 10-15 percent of your net worth in precious metals? We'll leave the decision to you. 

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Holiday weeks were notorious for precious metals raids. Doesn't look like it's going to happen this week, wonder why? Are Da Boyz back in town? Something is definitely different. We've got Mark Skousen on today--Freedomfest is next week. Listen to Dr. Jeff Tanenbaum, surgeon turned realtor about restoring the American Dream. Then there's Kyle Olson talking about how one school district in a valiant effort to comply with Lady Obama's school lunch guidelines has banned birthday cupcakes. Finally, we spoke with doubting Cyrus. He's a young 21 year old who just can't see the value of gold. We were patient and tried to explain the historic basis for this most barbarous of relics. You be the judge if we got through at all. 

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Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group discusses how a school district in Washington State has banned cupcakes from routine birthday celebrations. After all, they contain sugar and that causes obesity, right? Another district in Rhode Island is taking their left over Michelle mandated lunches and selling them to pig farmers. Can't let that food go to waste. Can you think of a creative use for left over healthy lunches that kids hate to eat? We can think of a few, but we can't publish them here. 

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It's that time of the year again--Freedomfest. The largest gathering of freedom minded people in the free world. It happens every year around this time in Las Vegas. Yes it's 120 degrees in the desert, but it's well worth the trip. The list of well known Libertarians who attend makes it all worthwhile. We make it a point to attend yearly. 

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Dr. Jeff Tanenbaum left a successful medical practice to go into real estate. He repeated his prior success and today is the toprealtor at the famed Halstead Group. He believes that while the Millennial Generation faces unprecedented challenges to becoming homeowners, there is still hope for them. The key is financial education. While the government could do much to make it easier, until they do, Millennials must learn everything they can and start changing their behavior to make their home ownership dreams a reality. 

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