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The former manager of Clark County Nevada has written a book Rethinking Public Sector Compensation, which chronicles the ills that thousands of municipalities across the country now find themselves in. Bankruptcy is the only option for a system that has become unsustainable and corrupt to the core. Clark County Firefighters are pulling down $175,000 per year in salary alone, not to mention their exorbitant pensions and free tax-payer-funded lifetime health insurance. No wonder everyone is going Galt. Who can afford this burden?Eventually the promises will be defaulted upon, the sooner the better. Kudos to Mr. Reilly for finally telling the truth that has been hidden for so long. He has an open invitation to the show. We'll be trying to track him down to get an exclusive interview. 

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Andy Hoffman is here for his Monday Rant. Seems the worldwide economy is sinking faster than the standard of living of the average American worker. There's nothing else to blame but the collapsing dollar and the fiat currency based world economy. It is appearing more and more likely there will be nothing left standing in its path, except perhaps the few people that had the foresight to purchase gold and silver. Certainly, if you have any chance of surviving at all, precious metals are the road to salvation. Bu then again, maybe governments will become honest and banks will become non-profit organizations so we can all go back to buying stuff we didn't need anyway, but then again, probably not. 

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